About Me

Angelique L Jackson, MBA, MAFP

 Angelique Jackson is a native Southern Californian and mother of three beautiful and amazing kids, with 15+ years of professional experience empowering, motivating, guiding and inspiring others to overcome fears, barriers and obstacles to become their best you possible. She is a certified Wellness and Lifestyle Coach and Inspirational Speaker with an extensive educational background. Angelique’s educational background comprises of several degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, an MBA with a focus in Strategic Marketing from Woodbury University and a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University graduating with distinction and honor at all levels. Although she has earned a Bachelor and two Master degrees, she is currently a 1st year Law School student. Upon completion of Law School, she has a goal of giving back to the community to help, individuals, our youth and families of the community live their life limitless.


Angelique’s professional career spans over 20 years within the Beauty Industry, Consulting and within Higher Education. She has an extensive background holding positions within both middle and executive level Leadership roles. Moreover, her passion for helping and uplifting those around her has led her to a number of volunteer roles (Battered Women and Children Shelters, Feed the Homeless, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, American Cancer Association, American Foundation on Suicide Prevention, Clean our Beaches and various Animal Shelters). 


Angelique has created educational and enrichment curriculum for Beauty Training Programs, Private Charter Schools and Community Colleges. She has used her unique background to design programming for enriching, empowering, inspiring, and motivating people to use their unique gifts and purpose to reach within themselves to become the greatest version of their selves possible. In her aspiration to help people move beyond their barriers, obstacles and fears to live abundantly within their greatness, Angelique has facilitated interactive trainings, workshops, conferences, and hiking excursions to diverse communities that have empowered attendees to live life limitless. 

In addition, Angelique has hosted speaking engagements at High, Schools, Universities, Community Organizations, Fraternal Organizations, Workforce Centers, US Military Branches, Corporate and Empowerment Conferences and special events. 

Let Angelique help you elevate your life with a customized, supportive program that speaks directly to your unique needs. Schedule a free consultation today to get started in your transformation and Be-L’evated.