Holistic Wellness, Nutrition & Healing

Crystal Healing


 One  hour crystal healing, plus a personalized energy report following the  session. Each crystal healing session consist of intentional placement  of stones on various body points to shift the different vibrational  frequencies and adjust the energy centers, known as Meridian Points or  Chakras. These chakra centers can be subtly or widely out of balance. To  adjust those frequencies, I place specific stones to shift the  vibrations. In order to read or sense these energies, I use healing  tools which allows me to understand the imbalance and dis-harmony of the  affected area to begin the healing process. 

Chakra & Energy Balancing


 Chakra  and Energy Balancing is a healing technique used for energy balancing,  stress reduction, relaxation, meditation that also promotes healing. The  sessions begins with an intention setting, chakra reading and is  followed by 15 min of integration (feedback, intuitive reading,  guidance). Each healing session consists of Breath-work, full Reiki body  scan, Crystal Healing, Chakra balancing, Aromatherapy (essential oils  & smudging) and Sound Healing (Tibetan singing bowls, crystal  singing bowls, tuning forks, Tingsha Bells, chimes, drums and/or other  sound-healing instruments) 

Private Sound Bath & Meditation


 Our  private Sound Bath & Meditation Healing experience includes  Breath-work, Meditation, Aromatherapy and a Sound bath: Tibetan singing  bowls, Tuning forks, Tingsha Bells, Koshi chimes, hand pan drum and/or  other sound-healing instruments. 

Holistic Nutritional Plan


 Holistic nutrition is the concept of eating food that is as close to its  natural state as possible to support your body for optimal performance  and well-being.  At the core of Holistic eating is a focus on unrefined,  unprocessed, organic and locally grown foods that promote health, while  at the same time supporting a strong immune system and preventing  disease.  These menu plans provide ingredients, portions and recipes to  ensure you consume a balanced, healthy diet using mostly unprocessed,  unrefined and whole foods. 

Provide Healthy Nutrition to Community Youth

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the nutritional conditions of the youth within our community. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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